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Starting in the Summer of 2013, Brother O’ Brother began making music with one major message in mind, love. With a genre like Garage/Blues/Gospel...what's not to love?


Our views come from our own faith and backgrounds, but we truly believe our message resonates with people regardless of faith, color, gender, or circumstance.


We are trying to participate in this conversation of life by drenching guitars in fuzz, booming drums, and mountains of smoke and lights


Love’s components, makeup, societal lack, and possible encouraging solutions on how to increase love in this world are what make us tick.

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We have performed 200+ shows in the last 3 years, which includes both Third Man Records locations (Jack White’s label) and support slots for AWOLNATION, Kongos, Blue October, Turbo Fruits, Low Cut Connie, Diarrhea Planet and more. We currently have distribution through  Fonoflo Records, Grimtale Records, Shed House Records, Romanus Records, and Jett Plastic Recordings.
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Brother O’ Brother are for real and their sophomore long player, Show Pony, is filled with energy, garage blues and never ending rock n roll. Those three ingredients are exactly what it takes Brother O’ Brother to make a good record. I could care less that the territory covered on Show Pony has been traveled before but that Chris Banta’s vocals and guitar with Warner Swopes drums bring down the house. Not only do they give 110% throughout Show Pony but they supply plenty of diverse thoughts to keep Show Pony’s 10 tracks vibrant for its entire 35 minute running time.The Fire Note: Show Pony Album Review 4.5 of 5
-Henry: This list would be incomplete without Brother O’ Brother. Crashing toms and cymbals? Check. Driving, distorted blues guitar? Check. Strong vocals and amazing musicality? Double check. Immerse yourself in the grandeur of garage rock and soul emanating from these guys; make sure you download their newest song here as well, who doesn’t like free music?Buzzfeed: 12 Hoosier Bands You Must Listen To
While some listeners like to debate about which duo does blues-based rock n roll best among the likes of The White Stripes and The Black Keys, the real clear winner of that battle would be Brother O’ Brother. Instead of marketing their music to skinny jean wearing hipsters in domestic beer commercials, this band puts their focus on delivering what we like about garage rock period. Grinding guitars, pulsating back beat, and furious showmanship all come together on what I call, one of the finest rock records of the year.Aaron The Audiophiles Top Ten Albums of 2015 (Show Pony) | http://www.50thirdand3rd.com/review-brother-o-brother-show-pony/

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