Brother O’ Brother began in late 2013, transitioning to a 2 piece in 2014 and has never looked back. Defying notions of what a 2 piece act should be, Brother O’ Brother’s live performance has been dubbed the best live performance in all of Indianapolis by multiple press outlets. Mix MC5 with early Black Keys and you’ve got it. B.O.B. has performed 200+ shows in the last 3 years, which includes both Third Man Records locations (Jack White’s label) and support slots for AWOLNATION, Kongos, Blue October, Turbo Fruits, Low Cut Connie, Diarrhea Planet and more. BOB currently has vinyl distribution through Fonoflo Records, Jett Plastic Recordings, Grimtale Records, Shedhouse Records, and Romanus Records. With the arrival of their new album “Neon Native” in 2017, Brother O’ Brother will continue their DIY fuzz ascent.


“Initially, I couldn’t put my finger on what Brother O’ Brother’s music reminded me of. And then it hit me – Jimi Hendrix marries AC DC: their offspring is Brother O’ Brother. There’s an indefinable element, a pulverizing rawness that prompts such an analogy. There’s a stochastic resonance to Brother O’ Brother’s sound that’s assertive and visceral, like a kick in the stomach.” -Huffington Post

“Strong vocals and amazing musicality? Double check. Immerse yourself in the grandeur of garage rock and soul emanating from these guys…” – BUZZFEED

Overall, “Show Pony” is one of the finest rock records of 2015 and maybe one the best indie blues rock albums to be released in over a decade, in a genre that loses it’s excitement with every beer commercial. Brother O Brother is a band that I know we will see around for quite a while. -50third&3rd

Hailing from Indianapolis, Chris Banta and Warner Swopes of Brother O’ Brother deal in raw, rootsy blues rock that has an almost religious fervor. -IMPOSE




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